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What is CrossFit?

Read about CrossFit here.

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No.  Our workouts will be scaled to your abilities.

How do I start working out at CrossFit iQ?

You can contact us for a Free Trial and experience a workout first hand.  If you have already taken your Free Trial and would like to sign up full time, please call Travis at (678) 978-3400 to schedule an appointment to complete your paperwork.

What if I am totally out of shape?

You have to start somewhere.  CrossFit will get you in shape faster than just about any other program out there.

Is CrossFit safe?

Yes.  We teach proper technique and reinforce proper methods of training on a consistent basis.  Improper training is unsafe, not CrossFit.

How long before I see any benefits?

You will see changes in your body within the first week if you put in the effort.

What about my diet?

Diet and nutrition are a big part of being fit and healthy. We are hereto guide you on the right path. There is a wealth of information on diet and nutrition that will be coming to our website in the days and weeks to follow.

What do the workouts consist of?

Warm-up, technique/skill training and a short intense workout.  Give it all you got and you’ll be spent by the end of your session.

Why should I workout at CrossFit Newnan and not some other gym?

Besides a great facility and centralized location here in the heart of Newnan and Coweta County, CrossFit Newnan delivers the proper training through excellent coaches.  Almost anyone can open a CrossFit gym, but it’s the experience and passion for fitness that sets us apart. There is so much more to training than sets and reps or how many calories did I burn? Our main focus in addition to safety is properly progressing and educating our athletes and clients on the importance of necessity of sound technique, consistent nutrition and sleep habits, and an overall improved lifestyle.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday with classes starting at 5:05am and ending at 7:30pm.  We are also open Saturday morning for a WOD at 8:30am. Please call 678-978-3400 or email crossfitnewnan@gmail.com to schedule your free trial sessions.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

In addition to all of our coach’s being certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainers, owner Travis Self has 12 plus years in the strength and fitness industry learning and interning under many national universities and top strength and conditioning specialists across the country. .

I’m in great shape, is CrossFit going to help me?

As stated above, workouts are scaled to your abilities. Military personnel, Fire Fighters, and Elite Athletes train CrossFit with great results.

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