Gym – CrossFit

“Don’t compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday. ” – Jordan Peterson

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm-up 12 min cap
10 Iron cross/ RO2VS

5 lying around the worlds ea way

10 push-ups

20 jumping jacks

30 band pull aparts

10 KB squats

20 KB reverse lunges

16 KB cossack squats total

20 Russian KB’s

strict pull-ups

Use a band that allows 5 strict pull-ups. Slowly reduce band strength as you increase in strength. If you have strict pull-ups use a DB.

Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#
15 min cap

Metcon (Weight)


Back rack reverse lunge(Choose own starting weight). May use rack.

Min 1&2 : 10 reps total

Min 3&4: 8 reps total


Min 9&10: 2 reps total
*** Increase weight every 2 rounds***

Rx: increase by 5 lbs

Rx+: Increase by 10 lbs

Accessory Work

Bodyweight bulgarian split squats (If time permits)

3×20 ea leg. Rest 30 seconds btw legs, 1:30 between rounds.

*Optional (for the masochistic’s at heart)*

1 set max reps ea leg